Opportunities to Be a S.P.A.T.® Partner for Qualified Business Owners

S.P.A.T.® provides high quality specialty & emergency facility services through a network of independent contractors. Independent business persons are given the opportunity through a licensing agreement to purchase the right to operate as a S.P.A.T.® independent contractor in an exclusive territory. The independent contractors maintain the S.P.A.T.® brand identity, as well as the same high standards of responsiveness, quality facility servicing, and client follow-up.

S.P.A.T.® offers the independent contractors training and support to ensure the success of their independent businesses. The exclusive territories are determined by population demographics using zip code areas. The business concept and S.P.A.T.® brand are marketed to commercial and institutional customers using public relations, telemarketing, advertising and viral marketing techniques. Customers call an 800 number. Those requests are routed to the independent contractors in the territory.