Great Words from Our Clients

“We’ve gotten the results we seek and even more so. S.P.A.T. consistently provides high quality services due to their commitment to continuous improvement, follow-up and internal inspections. S.P.A.T. made such a great impression that it has reached the highest levels of our management. They too are impressed with S.P.A.T. S.P.A.T. does what others overlook due to the innovation of its CEO.”

Lee Stevenson, Manager of Building Operations, Xavier University

When we needed emergency facility services for our receiving dock, the SPAT team arrived earlier than their scheduled time. Their performance was excellent. We were able to re-open the dock sooner than expected, which saved us time and money.

J.W., Receiving Manager of a major University

S.P.A.T. earns a rating of 10 (excellent) on a scale of 1 to 10. They are very responsive. We save time and money because one call brings them within the hour. The net result is that my customers – internal & external – are always satisfied.

Josh Fletcher, Facilities Manager - Hamilton County Community Action Agency

S.P.A.T. is a value-added service to our operations. When I need facility services now, one call (even after hours) results in quick and reliable service --- just like a SWAT Team.

George Klopp, Facilities Manager for a large national communications company