Immediate and Specialty Cleaning and Facility Services

Emergencies - University campus police called S.P.A.T.® at 12:30 A.M. to clean up a emergency mess caused by an overhead pipe burst in a student classroom. The classroom was spotless by 3:00 A.M.

Unexpected Facility Services - While conducting an awards banquet a social service agency realized they were understaffed and needed additional facility services immediately. The S.P.A.T.® team was there within the hour.

Special Events Service - A community center’s annual event required special facility preparation, maintenance during the event, and clean-up afterwards. The S.P.A.T.® team was scheduled in advance; and took care of the entire facility services.

Unusual Facility Solutions - A concrete basketball arena bowl needed to be cleaned with minimal use of water to avoid damaging the luxury sky boxes and due to the fact that the auditorium has no drains. Using special equipment and techniques the S.P.A.T.® team effectively accomplished the task.